Monday, September 14, 2009

The Newest Member of the Tuffy Tooth Club

Eden is wearing this onezie in commemoration of her induction into the Tuffy Tooth Club!
She just got her first tooths!!


I've been bugging Chase all summer for a jogging stroller and i finally got one! I just love it...and so does Eden. It's so nice to be able to work out and go running without worrying about who's going to watch Eden. I can just take her with me! She just sits back and enjoys the scenery...

This is the trail right by our house.
It's so nice to have pretty places to go running right outside our door.

Say "Hi!"
In the back you can see the temple and the road that
goes up to our house.

Finally home after a nice long run...

Eden already loves hiking so much...

...she sleeps through them! We went up to some waterfalls below Mt. Timpanogos for Labor Day.This is the second hike we've taken Eden on and both times she's slept through a lot of it.

Still asleep...

First Pony Tail!

So Eden has a new hair-do! it might be small but it's there! She is already such a girly girl. i love it.

Chase took this cute picture. This is the view from our apartment. Sometimes i take for granted how blessed we are to live here. I don't think you could beat this view...