Monday, June 21, 2010


Holy Cow. You just have no idea how happy this stay-at-home mom is for summer to finally be here! The Utah weather has been teasing me for the past month or two, but i think mother nature has finally figured out what month it is...finally. i have been getting cabin fever BAD and now i can get out and do all those things i've only been able to dream of while watching the snow falling outside my window. you can see from this beauty my lover got me for our 3rd anniversary (it was June 8th), I have been doing lots of bike riding lately. And if you know where we live, you should be impressed. it's a heck of a work out. We live on top of a mountain. Lots of long, steep hills. But i am getting really into it. it's so nice to have a variety of workout activities to choose from now that the sun is out and shining.

And i know everyone who doesn't live in the snow thinks it's so fun, and it can be (when your not dragging a baby, who's got 5 layers of coats and 3 blankets, through it), but who needs snow to have fun? Now that I have a baby, this is my kind of sledding...

Beautiful Panguitch Lake

We were so lucky to get to go to the Warner cabin in Panguitch Lake for Memorial Day! Lots of walks, hikes, fishing, (not very much catching...but maybe we'll be more lucky 4th of July!)

Bro-in-law Logan and the beautiful Lisa

My honey.