Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Night at the Bean Museum

The Bean Museum is the hidden gem of BYU. I can't believe I went my whole college career not knowing it even exsisted! It's free and AMAZING!

There is nothing better than being able to take Eden somewhere fun and out of the cold, where she can run around and explore without me having to worry about her hurting herself or breaking something! It was so fun watching her run around to all of the animals and point them out. The picture above is me trying to get her to smile by saying "cheese." It didn't really work, but she's still a cutie!

where's Eden?

Some Winter Fun

Here is a little taste of the Warner winter from Utah!!

Grandma and Grandpa Palmer surprised us for new years!! My Dad came to the door in a full on Santa suit and brought us a second Christmas! This Sunday dress ensemble was one of Eden's gifts.

Kelly and Sterling were here visiting her family and we got to meet up at the temple lights! It was so nice having a big chunk of my family together around Christmas. We missed those we didn't get to see, but we are looking forward to the summer!!

I can't even tell you how cold it was!
This Arizona girl will never get used to these Utah winters.