Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Palmer Family Reunion 2011

 This years Palmer Family Reunion was put on by Kelly and Sterling and it was AMAZING!  They decided to have it in Utah this year because #1 Utah is pretty cool and #2 Everyone just had to come meet little West!  I think we hit all the main attractions the Happy Valley has to offer and we got in some good 'ol quality time together.  We stayed in the most spectacular cabin in Sundance.  It's always so nice to be in the beautiful Utah wilderness. Thank you so much everyone for making the sacrifice to come out to our neck of the woods and a special THANK YOU to Mom and Dad for making it possible.  We love you all so much and can't wait to see you again come Christmas time!!

Stewart Falls Hike

 Love them!!

 Hikes with Grandpa right off the porch of our cabin...

Enjoying Sundance!

The Bean Museum @ BYU
 yes, that is a Liger


 Provo Beach Resort @ Riverwoods

 My wonderful sister, Aubrey, whom I adore!!


 Good job Mom!!  Cole and Aubrey caught some about this size too... better than nothing!

 West seems to always sleep through our fishing is suppose to be relaxing right?

Bridal Veil Falls

Not my best picture, i know.

Thanksgiving Point Farm Country
 This is the Place Monument

Wrestling with Grandpa @ Gardener Village

Sundance Lift Hike

 I'm pretty sure West lived in the baby carrier the whole time...He did so good!

Our Amazing Cabin!

So I'm pretty sure that was the longest post EVER, but it just goes to show how much fun we had!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

West's Blessing - July 31, 2011

West was only 2.5 weeks old when we blessed him, but ALL of my family was in Utah so we weren't going to pass up the opportunity to have them there.  The blessing was beautiful, of course. And West slept right through it (one of the benefits of blessing your baby so young!)  I wish we thought of taking picture of him in his outfit, but we didn't.  Maybe I'll see if I can get him to fit in it still and snap a couple photos...My Grandma Palmer sewed him the little suit and part of it was made from the fabric of one of my Grandpa Palmer's old church shirts.  It is so special because he passed away 10 years ago.  It was complete with vest, bow tie and silk pants!  He also wore booties that were knit as a gift by a cute little hispanic woman from my parent's ward in Arizona.
We also have a wonderful sister in our word who recorded his blessing short hand and sent us a copy! She also did Eden's when she was blessed.  It is so nice to be able to return to them and remember and feel the spirit that we felt on those special days.

4 days late...

Did I mention West was 4 days overdue?? yeah...I tried everything.
(July, 10 2011...he was due the 9th)

I've been really bad about keeping up my blog so excuse me if I do some back tracking...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Labor Day @ Panguich Lake

 So I think it is becoming a Warner tradition to spend Labor day at the cabin in Panguich Lake.  The cabin is rustic and nestled back in the woods.  The lake is just down the road and I seriously LOVE fishing.  The best part though is spending time with family, sitting around talking about life, love and everything else in between.

 This year we traveled in STYLE! Grandpa Warner has allowed all the uncle's the opportunity to use his old R.V. Man...that is the way to travel with kids.  I seriously slept while I nursed West on one of the beds and Eden took a nap with Grandma on the other bed.  We all slept the whole way!! it was awesome.  When Chase is an multi-billionare doctor someday we are totally getting one of the really nice ones. I'm talking home on wheels. And we'll travel the country!

 Eden loves fishing almost as much as her Mommy!  Chase loves watching his little lady!
 Can I just say...I caught 2 fish! Everyone else...nothin'.  I'm pretty much amazing.  The second one almost got away though... he jumped off the line, back into the water! But I wasn't letting him off that easy! I went right in after him and grabbed him with my bare hands!!  this isn't the first time that's happened either.  the same thing happened on our ice fishing trip!

 I love that Eden isn't scared at all of the fish, flopping all over.  She loved playing with it.  And her new best friend is her pet worm.  She made sure he played in the sand and took baths in the lake.
West was nice enough to sleep in the car the whole time.


 It was so beautiful.  The pictures just don't do it justice.  I love utah.