Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Catch Up

So i stink at updating the blog...i know. So here's a little bit of what our summer looked like!

BYU duck pond

Swimming lessons!

Fall Means...Football!!

Since this is our last full year at BYU, we decided to go ahead and get all-sports passes so we could enjoy all the festivities that college life has to offer...including Football! We got all decked out, Eden even had a cute cheerleader outfit that grandma palmer got her. And, of course, we tailgated with friends, Adam and Holly, and our tiny BBQ. Eden did so well at the game, even with all the screaming fans crowding around us. Since then we have been going to the BYU women's soccer games, which are SO fun and intense. Daddy is definitely prepping eden to be an awesome soccer player. He's been teaching her to throw the soccer ball and kick it like the players and tonight she wouldn't go to sleep without her little soccer ball! i love it!