Tuesday, December 7, 2010

*TAG* I'm it.

Here you go Kelly!! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you again in Utah!

4 Shows I Watch:

* Glenn Beck/Fox News
* Office reruns
* A Baby Story - and yes, i seriously get teary every time the baby arrives.
* Anything on Food Network - didn't have to change that one, Kelly!

4 Things I am Passionate about:
* The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it's true.
* My little Eden. I'm a proud Mommy.
* My husband. He is EVERYTHING to me. We couldn't be more perfect for each other.
* My Family. They give us so much love and support.

4 Phrases I say a lot:
* "I love you."
* "EDEN, say..." (I am trying to teach HER to talk, so I say that a lot)
* "I feel gross" - morning sickness...
* "When do I get to see you?" - everyday when chase goes to school.

4 Things I have learned from the past:
* Don't stress - every mom goes through some trial and error.
* Working out sucks at first, but you'll be glad you did it.
* Sometimes your house will get messy - your a mom, give yourself a break.
* If you are angry or sad - talk about it, cry about it, do whatever you need to do - just FIX it!

4 Things I did Yesterday:
* Went grocery shopping.
* Went to the gym.
* Put up the Christmas tree and drank eggnog with Chase with all the other light off.
* Threw up eggnog (sorry so graphic).

4 Places I would love to visit:
* Caribbean
* East Coast
* Hawaii with Chase
* Europe

4 Things I am looking forward to:
* Christmas with Eden
* Chase to be done with finals
* Getting into medical school
* A new baby in July!!

4 Things I love about Winter:
* Watching the snow fall.
* Christmas lights.
* Big blankets and Hot Chocolate.
* Thinking about my Savior

4 People to Tag:
* Lauren Porter
* Sarah Bradshaw
* Holly Beck
* Trisha Goodman

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Catch Up

So i stink at updating the blog...i know. So here's a little bit of what our summer looked like!

BYU duck pond

Swimming lessons!

Fall Means...Football!!

Since this is our last full year at BYU, we decided to go ahead and get all-sports passes so we could enjoy all the festivities that college life has to offer...including Football! We got all decked out, Eden even had a cute cheerleader outfit that grandma palmer got her. And, of course, we tailgated with friends, Adam and Holly, and our tiny BBQ. Eden did so well at the game, even with all the screaming fans crowding around us. Since then we have been going to the BYU women's soccer games, which are SO fun and intense. Daddy is definitely prepping eden to be an awesome soccer player. He's been teaching her to throw the soccer ball and kick it like the players and tonight she wouldn't go to sleep without her little soccer ball! i love it!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Holy Cow. You just have no idea how happy this stay-at-home mom is for summer to finally be here! The Utah weather has been teasing me for the past month or two, but i think mother nature has finally figured out what month it is...finally. i have been getting cabin fever BAD and now i can get out and do all those things i've only been able to dream of while watching the snow falling outside my window.

So...as you can see from this beauty my lover got me for our 3rd anniversary (it was June 8th), I have been doing lots of bike riding lately. And if you know where we live, you should be impressed. it's a heck of a work out. We live on top of a mountain. Lots of long, steep hills. But i am getting really into it. it's so nice to have a variety of workout activities to choose from now that the sun is out and shining.

And i know everyone who doesn't live in the snow thinks it's so fun, and it can be (when your not dragging a baby, who's got 5 layers of coats and 3 blankets, through it), but who needs snow to have fun? Now that I have a baby, this is my kind of sledding...

Beautiful Panguitch Lake

We were so lucky to get to go to the Warner cabin in Panguitch Lake for Memorial Day! Lots of walks, hikes, fishing, (not very much catching...but maybe we'll be more lucky 4th of July!)

Bro-in-law Logan and the beautiful Lisa

My honey.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bilateral Myringotomy and Ventilation Tubes

It was a big day for Eden and her Mom and Dad. She went in for a "bilateral myringotomy and ventilation tubes" aka. she got tubes put in her ears. We checked in at 7:30 this morning and changed her into the cutest little gown. She was so happy for not having eaten and having a rough night because i couldn't feed her anything at all. After everything was in order the nurse carried her away and me and chase were sent to a waiting room. The procedure only took about 5 minutes and it was only about 15 minutes before they brought her back to me. She was very upset because she had to wake up in a strange place without her mommy and she made sure everyone in the hospital knew it!! If you know Eden, you know she has a set of lungs on her and boy did she use them. She was a little disoriented and in a little pain so it wasn't until we got home that she finally settled down and zonked out. We took a nice long nap together and when she finally woke up this afternoon, she was back to her happy self. She really does seem to be so much happier now that her ears are working like they should. I am so happy it is over and that she can start to explore the world again with her new ears!

She got to take her blanket and Mr. Monkey with her.

I'm soooo happy she's finally decided she likes the binki, especially for times like this.

(if your interested, i put a little video on facebook)

Life Lately...

...a day at the park...

...cozying up in front of the t.v....

A Warm Day...

...Calls for a walk around the neighborhood! Because one day it is a blizzard outside and one day it is sunshine in Utah, you really have to take advantage of the good weather while you can. Last week we were fortunate enough to get out and enjoy the outdoors. We have all been getting a little cabin fever lately and are SO excited for the Spring, which is sure to bring many more of these...

(isn't he hot!?!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just love this little girl! She has been such a bundle of energy lately. She walks and runs and plays, plays, plays all day long. The wiggle worm couldn't sit still through her uncle's sixth grade play so she spent the time in the hallway with her grandpa. He captured some of these precious moments...

And for all those who haven't heard, Eden is going in for surgery on Tuesday to get tubes put in her little eardrums! The procedure only takes about 15 minutes, but she will be under anesthesia. We are actually really excited and relieved that she will be cured of her pesky ear infections. Apparently they are affecting her hearing...we are told she hears as though she has ear plugs in. The tubes will immediately fix this and her speech will speed up dramatically. The fluid that is stuck in her ears can also affect her balance so maybe she'll be walking better than she already is! I hope everything goes smoothly and won't be too uncomfortable for the little duffer. I'm just soooo happy to be getting this taken care of once and for all!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess

On February 24th we celebrated Eden's first Birthday!! I can't believe it has already been a year since this perfect, beautiful little bundle of pure joy came into our lives. Her birth is one the most memorable experiences of my life. I can still remember perfectly my feelings when I first held her in my arms. She was so little and so perfect and I loved her so much. It still amazes me that she is mine. I feel so humbled and blessed to be her mommy. I am grateful that I have been able to spend all my days with Eden, watching her grow and learn, being able to get to know her little personality, and also learning about myself and the mother I want to be.

Here's our little princess in her birthday outfit!

Things We LOVE about EDEN NOEL...

She looks like her Daddy
Her HUGE smile when we walk in the room
The curls in the back of her hair
Her fake laugh
She has her Mommy's hands
Her jibber jabber
Her bed head when she wakes up
Watching her sit with a book, turning the pages and reading to herself
That she points to every picture and says, "Daddy!"
She would eat cuties all day long if we let her
She's always, always moving
She LOVES her green, stuffed animal "Mr. Monkey" and squeals whenever she sees him.
She dances whenever music comes on or when we say, "dance, dance"
Her beautiful blue eyes
Her strong, determined personality
Those strong, skinny legs of hers
Her big bear hugs and slobbery kisses...

We love you Eden.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Walking Girl!

So it begins...

A Little Lady...

My Eden just isn't a little baby anymore! she's a little girl! I can't believe how much she has grown over the past year. Everyday i just love her more and more. She has such personality and is so happy, happy all the time. She will be turning 1 on the 24th!!! Time flies when your having fun i guess...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eden's First Noel

I guess it's just something that happens as you get older, but each year at Christmas time I tend to think less and less about presents and more and more about family, friends, and especially my Savior. This year was very special for me because I now have my own little family. Of course it was a blast watching Eden open presents (and then eat the paper), but i was filled with the joy of the season most when I thought about how much more I understand what love Mary must have had for her little baby, now that I have my own. I love my family. I love my Savior. It was a very Merry Christmas indeed.


I was blessed this Christmas season to be able to spend three amazing weeks with family and friends in Arizona. Chase was only able to spend two weeks, but was nice enough to give me up so i could spend some quality time with the girls in my life (Thanks honey!)

While Chase was there we got to go to the Wildlife World Zoo. We were so amazed at how close we got to all the animals.

And of course, what's an Arizona trip without some guns involved? All the boys finally have their handguns and concealed permits...now it's my turn.

Eden loved spending time with all of her cousins! She just wanted to be in the middle of everything...Steel and her became especially good friends.