Monday, October 17, 2011

Play Time!

 Chase has been working SO hard this semester.  It's his last one, but of course he saved all the really hard chemistry labs and anatomy classes for last.  PLUS he is working 30 hours a week as a special ed. teacher's aid.  He works with kindergarten through sixth grade students with learning disabilities...can you just picture chase working with little kindergarteners all day? for cute!!  Anyways, school and work on top of applications for medical school (and sitting on pins and needles as we wait to hear back) leads to a pretty busy time for this sweet daddy... so when he gets the chance to spend some time with this girl, they make the most of it!!  This is probably Chase and Eden's favorite thing to do in the whole world!

I have been feeling a little bad lately for not being able to give Eden as much one on one time, so when West takes his afternoon nap I try to forget about all the chores I need to get done and sit down and play with my Eden.  Lately she has like coloring with markers and playing playdoh!
 Can you guess which on is Eden's and which one is Mommy's?

 I made a frog for Eden, but she was kinda bummed his legs kept falling off when she wanted to hold him...

This little boy is getting better at playing with toys!  He loves his bouncer chair and is so good at grabbing things now.  The best is when he reaches out to grab mommy's fingers though.

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